• Antwerp's jewellers offer high quality polished or rough diamonds
  • The outstanding reliability of Antwerp's jewellers
  • At Antwerp's jewellery stores, you receive honest advice

In the 17th and 18th century, Amsterdam and London were the leaders in the diamond trade.  However, after the Second World War, the trade slowly began to grow in Antwerp, due to its well-organised import and export of stones.

If you are looking for unique and extraordinary diamond jewellery, you will certainly find them in the jewellery stores of Antwerp. Remember that 84% of diamonds extracted in the world come from Antwerp, the diamond capital. That's why Antwerp is considered the centre of the world diamond trade.

To help regulate the import and export of diamonds from Antwerp, in 1945 the government created the Diamond Office located in the heart of the Antwerp diamond quarter. Here are three things you should know about Antwerp jewellery.

Antwerp's jewellers offer high quality polished or rough diamonds

Historically, Antwerp has always been an international trading centre. The diamond industry, established in the 15th century, grew considerably, becoming over time a commercial endeavour that crossed Europe and was exported to India where the export of rough diamonds developed.

Antwerp's diamond quarter is home to the four largest diamond markets in the world. Antwerp's jewellers have made a stunning contribution to the luxury of beautiful engagement rings, bracelets, wedding rings and earrings.

The outstanding reliability of Antwerp's jewellers

Antwerp's jewellers are known for their service and high quality products. Antwerp jewellers offer buyers the guarantee that they will get diamonds at the best value for money.

When buying a diamond from a jewellery store in Antwerp, you can be sure that the diamonds have been obtained ethically and are displayed at the best value for money. Buying a diamond from BAUNAT guarantees you are getting a diamond at the best value for money. Note that the certificate of authenticity is always provided for each diamond.

The certificate of authenticity is provided by the Gemological Institute of America, an independent centre that evaluates each diamond and notes its intrinsic characteristics on the certificate. Thus, for each diamond, all its characteristics will be written on its certificate. Make an appointment now at the BAUNAT showroom in Antwerp to try out a specific ring and get personal advice on your choice.

At Antwerp's jewellery stores, you benefit from honest advice

You will undoubtedly prefer to do business with jewellers who really know their products instead of a random seller. In Antwerp's jewellery stores, you will receive honest advice and can ask as many questions as you wish.

If you want to go to Antwerp to buy certified gems, ask for objective advice from BAUNAT experts. Even if you are not yet ready to buy a jewel, diamond dealers will be happy to answer your questions. Indeed, jewellers in Antwerp are passionate about diamonds and enjoy sharing their knowledge with their customers.

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