Both import and export of rough and polished diamonds grew significantly, with a growth rate of 8% for rough and 4% The total value of traded goods amounted to US$ 55 billion, which is very close to the record US$ 56.6 billion in 2011, making 2013 the second best year for Antwerp ever. The 2013 annual figures are in line with the trade analysis of the past decade, once again confirming Antwerp’s leadership as the world’s first and foremost diamond trading hub.

According to CEO Ari Epstein production of rough diamonds has been decreasing for several years now. On the other hand, the percentage of rough diamonds passing through Antwerp increased to 84%. The total traded volume in Antwerp grew as well, from 207,1 billion carat in 2012 to 211,3 billion carat (or 42,3 tons of diamond) in 2013. In terms of polished diamonds there was a decrease: -3% for export, -0,7% for import. "Diamonds are getting bigger and more expensive. Clients invest more and more in high quality diamonds", Epstein says. He also considers this positive evolution as the result of an in 2012 launched marketing plan, which provides in tender facility, bringing together clients and sellers in Antwerp.

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